Step 8 Match the Corner Pieces

Match the Corner to complete the 3rd Layer

Step 8 Result should be:

4 corners Should Contain the Adjacent Center Piece Colours, but not necessary oriented correctly

Eg: Here the first edge colours are Red, Green and Yellow which is matching Red and Green Center Piece

Step 8.1

NB: Never Rotate the Cube in this Step. Colour facing you remains the same throughout this step

NB: while solving this Step, Bottom Layer might be seen as mixed up, Don't panic it will be aligned once we complete the step

Place a unsolved Corner to so that its facing you in Right corner

Step 8.2

Perform Ri Di R D untill the Yellow Piece is oriented correctly

Step 8.3

Turn the top layer so that unsolved another corner is right side facing you .Do (Ri Di R D) until that corner is solved. Repeat untill all corners are solved.

Step 8 Result:

Congratulations. Still 94% people can't Solve this. You are amazing..