Step 3 Complete First Layer

Insert the Corner to complete the First Layer

Step 3 Result should be:

Step 3.1 Identify the Center Pieces

The Corner Piece should be having the Colour combination of the 3 adjacent center pieces

Eg: Here the center Pieces are Red, Blue and White. So the Corner Should be having the same colours

Step 3.2 Solve 4 Top Corner Pieces

5 Possible Scenario

Scenario 1: White on Front
Perform (Ri Di R D) x 5
Scenario 2: White on Right
Perform (Ri Di R D) x 1
Scenario 3: White on Bottom
Perform (Ri Di R D) x 3
Scenario 4: White on Near Corner-Front
Perform (Ri Di R D) x 4
Scenario 5: White on Near Corner-Right
Perform (Ri Di R D) x 2

Step 3 Result:

Tip: No Need to consider any scenario, Do (Ri Di R D) Till the White Corner is Solved !

Step 3 is done. Now move to