T2run Online Tools

Most of the online tools scrap your data, your/organization sensitive data will be at risk.

T2run tools are 100% safe and transparent. While using these tools, no data are shared to the server, or no tracker is involved.

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How to validate data security of online tools?

Available Tools

Json to Go Struct

Quickly Json to Go Type Struct.

JSON to JSON String

Quickly convert json to json string.

String to JSON

Quickly convert String to json.

JSON Beautify

Convert the single line or non formatted json to prettier view.

Multi Line to single Line

Quickly convert to SinglString from multiline text.

JSON Validator

Quickly validate the JSON.

JSON Minifier

Quickly convert JSON to singleline formated.

JSON to Plaintext

Convert the JSON to plain text value.


Quickly convert to JSON from XML.

Salay Hike Calculator

Quickly calculate Salary Hike percentage.

BMI Calculator

Quickly calculate your Body Mass Index.

Generate Password

Secure Password Generator.

Generate UUID

UUID Generator.

Generate Facny Font Text

Create your fancy texts with different fonts.